“The hallmarks of our company are independence, integrity, technical excellence, and a passion for client service.”

- Robert G. Bolton

Our understanding of pricing principles/methodologies, the requirements of the ACA and the need to account for state-specific rules and statutes makes us ideal candidates for rate filing review and other regulatory- specific actuarial services.

Bolton Health Actuarial, Inc. (a division of Bolton Partners) was formed to focus on health care actuarial consulting services. This division consists of experienced consultants with comprehensive knowledge of pricing and reviewing major medical insurance rate filings, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and state laws. Bolton Health Actuarial, Inc. is comprised of the following individuals: JoAnn Bogolin, Michelle Hoffner, Luke Rodgers and Andrew (Zach) Smith. Each individual on our team has between ten and twenty-five years of actuarial health care experience.  Over the course of our careers, we have been committed to and focused on:


Timeliness – meeting or exceeding deadlines.


Quality producing high quality, peer reviewed deliverables.


Customer Service providing responsive and flexible service in a professionally respectful manner.


Integrityensuring work products are independent, sound and meet all applicable laws, regulations and actuarial standards of practice (ASOPs).


Technical Excellence – remaining current on software applications, modeling techniques and tools, actuarial theories and laws, regulations and ASOPs.


Communication – providing clear and concise reports and deliverables.

JoAnn Bogolin, Managing Director at Bolton Health Actuarial, was elected to the Health Section Council of the Society of Actuaries.  As a member of the Council, JoAnn will work toward forwarding the purpose of the Health Section Council, which is to prepare health actuaries for positions of leadership and promote the relevance of health actuaries in the marketplace by:

  • Providing relevant educational opportunities and member communications
  •  Facilitating practical research, and
  • Continually expanding the marketplace relevance of the health actuary brand.

After 26 years as a healthcare actuarial consultant, JoAnn is excited to give back to the actuarial community. Her term runs for 3 years, beginning October 2015.



We have some of the best actuarial minds in the country, and we realize that changing  demographics, new laws, and regulations,  add to the challenge of developing and competitively pricing successful health plans. Our high consultant to client ratio allows us to focus on work products that meet your goals.

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